Major Shoreline Protection Program underway on Lanier

Joanna Cloud, Executive Director of the Lake Lanier Association announced today installation of over 3,100 lineal feet of shoreline protection will begin in late October. The LLA has partnered with local governments, private businesses and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to fund over $275,000 worth of rip rap to reduce the amount of shoreline erosion occurring on the island shoreline in the lake south of Browns Bridge.

Hall County voters approved a SPLOST Referendum in 2015. Shoreline protection was an identified project designated to receive SPLOST funding. Gwinnett County provides all of its resident’s drinking water which is drawn from Lake Lanier. Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources is providing funding as a part of their commitment to protect the water quality of Lake Lanier. The Chantal and Tommy Bagwell Family Foundation, who has been a longtime supporter of the Lake Lanier Association, is making a significant contribution.

Shoreline erosion is a serious problem for the lake. Boat wakes and waves driven by the wind eat away at unprotected shoreline and cause banks to collapse. This leads to increased siltation. As silt builds up on the bottom of the lake, it reduces the water storage capacity and also impacts water quality. Lake Lanier provides drinking water for over 4 million residents in North Georgia. Any reduction in the amount of water available for drinking supplies is a serious concern.

The Corps of Engineers has issued permits to the Lake Lanier Association for the completion of four island shoreline rip rap projects. The four permits include approximately 500 lineal feet of rip rap to be installed on island located at marker Six Mile 4, approximately 650 feet on an island at marker 18 just north of the Aqualand gas docks, 990 feet on an island near Van Pugh Park and 990 feet on Browns Bridge Island across from the northern part of Port Royale. These four projects will total approximately 3,150 lineal feet and will require approximately 6,500 ton of stone.

The competitive bidding process has been completed. Marine Specialties, Inc. has been selected as the prime contractor. They expect to have a large barge, related equipment and a crew working full time on this project until it is completed which is expected in March, 2017. All of the venders participating on this project including Vulcan Materials, Inc. and Grizzle Trucking have provided discounted pricing in support of this public service effort.

The LLA’s first project dedicated to reducing island erosion was completed in January of 2015. The island is located at the south end of the Three Sisters Island. This project involved the installation of over 1,000 tons of stone covering approximately 600 lineal feet. 100% of the cost of this project was funded through contribution by The Chantal and Tommy Bagwell Family Foundation in Cumming. Marine Specialties Inc. completed the installation work. Blue Grass Materials in Cumming provided the stone and Grizzle Trucking provided hauling services. Each of these partners provided a significant discount from their normal pricing levels.

For more information, contact Joanna Cloud at 770.503.7757 or

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